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We host model network events around New York City where models can find old friends, make new ones, find housing or roommates, discuss other markets, agents, agencies, photographers, castings, diets, hair and fashion stylists to help you keep up with the latest trends and anything else that concerns modeling to help your career in a friendly environment.

Barbara Macnamara casting in New York event with NYC Model Network.June 22nd meet the casting director and crew from the hit TV show 30 ROCK. Limited availability for this event.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand your talents with innovative events. We will have stations at the event where you will be able to meet our professionals not only for advice but also to be casted for upcoming projects. This event has limited availability.

Social Networking
Our industry social networking events are unlike any that you have been to before. We have special offer stations, meet and greet castings, Free give aways and live preformances.

Event Date June 22nd Friday 630-930pm Barbara Macnamara casting at NYC Model Network and Tracy James.

The Venue Shetler Studios
244 West 54th 12th floor Street New York, NY 10019 / Broadway & 8th Aves
This Event is 98% Sold Out
30 Rock casting event at NYC Model Network.
You must RSVP to attend this event

Meet the Casting Director of NBC'S HIT Show 30 Rock

Take the time to meet industry professionals that you would not normally be able to get a chance to meet. At this event you will meet the casting director of the hit TV show 30 Rock. Barbara will tell you exactly what you need to know about the process of getting cast for the show and how they determine if you are right for the part.

Some of the Topics that will be covered:
What type of people do they look for when casting.
What you should bring to a casting.
How you should present yourself to the Casting Director.
How you should prepare prior to coming to the audition.
What to wear.

Headshots & Resume
Comp Cards
Pen & Paper
Positive Attitude
Group Size
Primary Role

Written by: Kelly Calabrese

If Barbara McNamara Casting was a fashion label, it might be called ‘Rock and Rescue', because Barbara approaches casting with a hard-core passion and caring attitude. Oh and… she handles all of the casting for 30 Rock and Rescue Me.

Barbara enjoys casting in New York because “it's a fun city to cast in. Whether shooting Uptown, Downtown, or Williamsburg,” Barbara knows how to find what a director needs and she considers the needs of New York actors, as well.

“There are a lot of actors out there and I try to get everyone work, as much as I can,” Barbara shares. “It's a hard business so I try to be kind. I know I'm in television and it's exciting but at the end of the day we give people work, which is a nice thing.”

Do you hold any open calls?

I haven't had an open call since the film Duplicity but I might have another open call this Spring.

What look do you prefer – headshot or full-length photos?

I prefer a headshot. It should be recent and current. Then I have my assistants call people in to take a digital photo. I like both the headshot and the digital because if someone doesn't look like their headshot, I can't submit them to Tina Fey at 30 Rock and have them look completely different. That would be shooting myself in the foot. So, I always have current photos.

How do you create a new line of projects?

Most new projects come from people I've worked with in the past. It's a “you are only as good as your last project” type of thing. Knock on wood, I've had a good reputation. I've never lost a project. Others have lost projects to me. It's all about knowing people and proving yourself.

If you were to choose one area of casting between television, movies and commercials as your signature piece, what would it be?

My TV shows are my bread and butter, consistent throughout the year. But my first film was The Devil Wears Prada which is warm to my heart, a big thing for me.

How does casting change from season to season?

I wouldn't say it changes. But one day I could need strippers, the next day ladies who lunch on Madison Avenue and the next day 6 foot tall African Americans who play basketball. It's all about the project.

Do you see any new trends in the industry, as far as types clients ask for?

Trends to me are something fad, in and out. I guess reality shows. I did a little work on Celebrity Apprentice, which was interesting. I don't get into reality television too much but I would say that it's trendy.

When you cast an actor, should they thank you? What is the protocol?

Thank you's are nice. We certainly appreciate them and remember those who thank us. We also remember those who don't. Definitely send me post cards and keep me updated if you are in a show.

What goes on behind the scenes that many wouldn't realize?

It's not glamorous. It's insane. It's every hectic and busy. You either love it or you hate it.

Do union actors get more of a front row seat / a better chance of working with you?

There are a lot of rules and regulations you have to follow when casting a union show so I know many of my union actors. But we do have more people than you would imagine. In television, 1-25 have to be SAG and on an average, I book 250 people. Some days are bigger then others. We do get into non-union. When we are outside at Rockefeller Plaza, obviously, we are in New York City and you are not going to have just twenty-five people representing New York. You need a lot more.

How often does an actor get upgraded or wavered?

There is no one answer. For certain types, I know I will end up waving people. A lot of times it's models. If I am shooting a fashion scene and need 5'10" girls and men who are stunning, it might not happen in SAG. In some cases, I prepare in advance, whom I will waver. Other times its luck. Maybe a SAG person doesn't show up and a non-union person has the right look and intelligence that the director zones in on. Then the person is wavered. It used to happen a lot but now it doesn't happen as much as I would hope for. It's all about budgeting in the end. It happens maybe a half dozen or a dozen times in a season.

In addition to being a casting director, you also had a degree in marketing from FIT. What more can actors do to market themselves?

Just keep getting out there and do theatre or short films. Don't just sit back and think something will come to you because most likely it's not going to happen that way.

Are you always keeping an eye out for actors?

Yes, that's another great part about living in New York. If I see someone fabulous on the street or if I see a robot in Times Square, I will give them my card.

At fashion shows, there tends to be a swag bag placed on the VIP seats. What three goodies… items, pieces of advice, etc, would you put in there for actors to take with them?

1. You must have a good headshot. That's your calling card. You don't need any props, guns, or wigs.

2. You should have a planner so you are on time. Whether it's an audition for principle acting or coming into interview for a possible feature role or background, you really need to be on time and professional.

3. I would say don't take it personally. It takes thick skin to be an actor. If you can come to the NYC Model Network's exclusive event to see me, it would be a huge step in the right direction. Everyone coming will get to submit a headshot and be considered for upcoming roles in all of my projects.

Guests are welcome to bring headshots, resumes, business cards and reels.

Rules & Restrictions
This event is for all ages. Decent attire is appreciated. No outside food or drink allowed in the venue. There are no RSVP fee refunds. No cash at the door. All guests must pre-register online. Venue management reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any individual who does not demonstrate acceptable etiquette. Guests are welcome to bring headshots, resumes, business cards and reels.

You are purchasing a ticket for your admission to this single event. No Refunds or makup dates can be applied.
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