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Tracy James Male Model for Guess eyewear.
Skin Care for Models - Great Tips from a Professional Model
Taking care of your skin when you are young is often overlooked by many of us because either we feel that we don’t need it, don’t know how to do it or that is just for older people to worry about. Well, guess what, I thought all of the above at one stage or another in my life but decided to take the advice of older professionals around me and start to use age preventive care.

Working in the modeling and acting business put me in direct contact with professional makeup artists, stylists and top models who’s main job priority was to look amazing or make others look Godly. I can’t remember when it all started but I think it was when I was living somewhere in Europe, Milan perhaps, and I was living in a model hotel setup by my agency. Models from all over the world occupied two full floors and it was sort of reminiscent of a dorm. Being around such a diverse group of people from all corners of the globe lead to different ways of thinking and taking care of yourself.


Some of the male and female models were using products to lose weight, cellulite, get in shape, combat acne, get fuller hair, plumper lips and a ton of other vice. Most of the products they used I had never heard of and couldn’t even pronounce. I was in my early twenties and had the immortal youth syndrome until one day I woke to find a deep red zit on my cheek the size of a golf ball. That morning I had around twelve castings for some of the most prestigious designers in the world and didn’t want to go to castings representing myself as the elephant man so I popped in and out of other models rooms asking for cover up or something to take the redness away. A sweet Russian female model told me to blot on some type of cream she brought with her from the Kremlin. I was running out of time and was willing to try anything. By the time I hit the street, the huge golf ball had nearly vanished and the redness subsided.

After that day I started looking a little more deeply into the miracle results that products accomplish for me. Some of the male and female models were using retinol A and B as a daily moisturizer to rejuvenate their skin. Some of these products and regiments really made an immediate difference, I was hooked.
I started asking the makeup artists and stylists about moisturizers and skin care advice when I was being worked on for jobs and they were more than forthcoming on their advice. I had taken so many notes and had more product names than the dictionary. Many of the products were only obtainable in Europe or Asia because they were not FDA approved yet. On my travels I would pop into pharmacies and try to round up what lotions, treatments and skin care products I could find. Not everything seemed to work right away or work for me at all and in some cases I would get almost allergic like reactions.
In my travels and tests I found that I had to narrow down a base of product that actually worked just right for me, and using the professional advice I obtained, I put together an amazing daily skin care regiment that made my skin glow and look its best. I will go over skin care basics then fill you in on how I take care of myself. You should take my advice, product list and see what works best for you.
The most basic anti-aging thing you can do for yourself is to apply moisturizer morning, noon and before you go to bed. First you have to find out what skin type you have so you can buy the right moisturizer to maximize your results. If you do not know your skin type, you can easily find out by stopping in a major department store that has a fragrance and beauty section and asking them for a kin type analysis. The only down side to this is that they will try and sell you a ton of product. Ask for a few samples instead and tell them that you want to see which one works best before buying. Another way that is more precise would be to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Usually a consultation will cost around fifty dollars but well worth the money to remove any guess work. Ok, now that you know your skin type, you are on your way to better looking younger skin.

Check back, I will list several types of skin care regiments that work for the morning, day and evening along with different products to help you have the best looking skin all year long.

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