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Fifth Gear Band


Tracy James' Fifth Gear

Formed in 1999 by Tracy James and Michael Brandon, this group combines talented musicians with a unique approach to songwriting. Fifth Gear is currently split, but their music lives on!

Use the links provided to play a sample from one of our songs right in your browser.


A Tribute to not only an amazing vocal coach, but an outstanding person. Mario was Tracy's' Opera coach and friend.

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Mario - Opera Coach


New Artists Forum

Music Artist - Lovella


Music Artist - Bradley


Music Artist - Tommy Page


Music Artist Sean Griffith


Music Artist Cain

Sample Songs

Click on a link below to play a sample from some of our songs. You will need Quicktime 5+ to play the high quality Quicktime audio. Songs written by Brian LaVolpe and Tracy James.

When the Skies Turn to Gray
Sent to Me From Heaven

Sunshine Through the Rain

When Blue Skies Turn to Gray
Sent to me from Heaven
Sunshine Through the Rain



If you're an artist and would like to have your Demo and songs added to this site, send me an e-mail and they will be listed. Below are a few artist that have done just that. These guys are really talented.





Mario was an inspiration to all of his students. In his eyes everyone had great potential. He has this amazing way of pulling that talent from the soul to help you reach your inner voice.







Artist - Lovella

Nite Time





Artist - Bradley

Free Fall
Wish I
Stoned Horses

Recording Artist - Tommy Page
Tommy is an old time friend and fan of Tracy James.
If you would like an autographed copy of the CD, please make all requests in the
ake Fan Mail section.
CD release 2002

Dance to the Beat of My Heart
Kissing In The Rain
A Shoulder to Cry On

Artist - Sean Griffith

Tell Me






Artist - CAIN

Can You
Drive Me Crazy

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