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John Bianco - Commercial and Acting Classes Models

John has been acting since 1991, he is also writing and directing as well. He studied acting at The School for Film and Television, and also studied film making at Film Video Arts, both of which are in New York.

He directed and played the lead in “Hot Ice”, along with “The Brooklyn Boys”. He also directed and stared in three short films, “Till Death Do Us Part” which was featured at the New York international film festival in 1998. “3’s a Crowd" which was shot in 2001, and “If My Dream is Dead, Then So Am I” shot in 2004.

Other acting film and TV credits include: “Searching for Bobby De Niro” 2003, “This Thing of Ours ” 2006, “Borough of Kings” 2001, and numerous amounts of Indie films.

TV credits include: 2006 The last 2 seasons of the Soprano’s, (Gerry Torciano) with the New York family, right hand man to Phil Leatardo (Frank Vincent). Four feature spots on “Law & Order” (Bret, the Forman on the docks, and William Timmons) and “Special Victims Unit”, guest star (Victor Klaussan, and Michael Solano).


John has currently finished up several screenplays, titled “Hind Sight” (a love story) “Chronicle of a Serial Killer” (a thriller), and a pilot in pre-production, entitled, “Manhattan Kansas”. Also in development for 2011 is, “Vigilante Justice”, along with “Shades of Death Road”.

His method of teaching may be a blend of different acting techniques to get the best results from each actor. For models it is very important to feel comfortable in front of the camera and in front of crowds of people. These acting classes will train you to keep your focus and gain confidence. This New York actor workshop is designed for New York commercial acting classes, film, TV and stage acting.

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