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Commercial Acting Workshops
Whether you are a seasoned Model or wondering, How to become a Model, one of the key ingredients boils down to be able to have some sort of acting experience under your belt. Let's face it. Unless you are booking every job you probably need some type of help. 
Learn how to Ace that next casting! Join our commercial acting workshop.
Weekly Classes Available
Network Events

At this event you will meet a casting director that casts for major movies. Erica Palgon will tell you exactly what you need to know about the process of getting cast for movies and how they determine if you are right for the part. Limited availability. Everyone attending will get to submit their headshot and resume. Don't miss out!
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How to Become a Model
Modeling seminars for models just starting their careers or trying to figure out if modeling is a career choice they would like to pursue. These three hour modeling seminars will cover soup to nuts just what it takes to be a model. Modeling agencies and agents will also be available to give advice and view models books.
Call to Reserve - to be announced
Contributing Editors
Tracy James
Contributing Editor
Modeling Seminars, Video Coach
Workshops & Mentoring

Contributing Editor
Free Model & Actor Castings

Contributing Editor
Model Commercial Acting

Anthony Catanzaro
Contributing Editor
Fitness Modeling
Eating & Workout Programs
Contributing Editors
Our contributing editors are industry professionals assembled to help you advance your modeling career. The wealth of information and resources in this New York Model Network is first hand information.
Upcomming Events
Social Networking Events
May 2015 - 6-9pm
Mega Networking Event
March 23rd - 630-930pm - $39.99
NYC Casting Director Event - Movie Casting

Commercial Acting Classes
July classes in New York - 2 hours
New York City - see Events for more details
$49 - Limited Space
Detailed summaries of each class can be found on the Events page.

Here is a recent interview with Tracy James on Blogspot Radio.

Modeling Video Tutorials

Tracy James - Modeling Success
Tracy James is a very successful model that has shot thousands of adds, commercials & Films. This New York based model network gives all models & actors the opportunity to meet in New York in a exciting social environment.
Tracy James Peace Corps
Skin Care
Proven steps to glowing
flawless skin.
Successful daily model anti- aging skin care regiments for Men and Women.
Tracy's Blog
Proven steps to glowing flawless skin. Successful daily model anti- aging skin care regiments for Men and Women.
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